Real Drift Car Racing v2.3

Real Drift Car Racing
Required Android O/S : 2.3+

With more than 6 millions of fan players worldwide, Real Drift Car Racing is the most realistic 3D drift racing simulation on mobile devices!

With more than 6 millions of fan players worldwide, Real Drift Car Racing is the most realistic 3D drift racing simulation on mobile devices, and yet easy to control and fun to play thanks to an innovative drift helper.
Get ready to drive high performance cars (turbo or naturally aspirated) and make them drift at high speed in tracks designed specifically for drift racing.

Earn money using your racing skills and and use it to customize your car: body color, rims model, rims color.
Race to battle the world record of the online leaderboard or just for fun in the new freeride mode.

  • The most realistic 3D drift racing simulation on mobile devices;
  • Easy to control thanks to an innovative drift helper;
  • Customizable drift helper: from full help to total in your control;
  • Customizable gameplay;
  • Customizable cars: you can change car body color, rims model and rims color;
  • Realistic simulation of all aspect (engine, drivetrain, tires, etc) of the car;
  • Specific engine sound for every car with turbo whistle and blow off valve;
  • Backfire effects with sounds;
  • Accurate points calculation: earn points by drifting at high speed, at high drift angle and, for the first time, by light touching walls during a drift;
  • Online and local leaderboard to challenge your friends and people all over the world;
  • Big training track included to improve your drifting and racing skills;
  • High quality 3D graphics;
  • Cool dubstep soundtrack by Liquid Stranger and Simplify Recordings.
  • No adverts;
  • 7 new drift racing tracks;
  • 5 new powerful cars with specific and realistic setup;
  • New challenging career mode with 12 championships with growing difficulty.
  • Accelerometer (gyroscope) or touch steering mode;
  • Slider or touch throttle;
  • Automatic or manual transmission;
  • Metric or Imperial units of measurement;
  • Points grow proportionally to drift angle, drift time and speed.
  • There are also 2 different points multiplier: "Drift Combo" multiplier and "Proximity" multiplier.
  • Drift Combo multiplier is increased by 1 whenever points reach a multiple of 2000 (1000, 2000,4000 etc.). If you change drift direction, points are added to Total Points Indicator (located in the top left of the screen) and reset. If points reach every multiple of 2000 again, Drift Combo is increased by 1 again. This works only if you keep drifting without too long interruptions between one drift and the other (less than 1 second), otherwise Drift Combo multiplier will be reset to 1.
  • Proximity multiplier is increased when you drift with the back of the car near a wall (less than 1.5 meters) proportionally to closeness. You'll notice this bonus with a slow motion effect and a text showing the multiplier factor.
  • If you hit anything you'll lose your partial points and all multipliers.
Drifting is a racing technique where the driver make the car oversteer, causing loss of traction in the rear wheels or all tires, while maintaining control from entry to exit of a corner. A car is drifting when the rear wheels are slipping more than the front wheels, to such an extent that often the front wheels are pointing in the opposite direction to the turn (e.g. car is turning left, wheels are pointed right or vice versa). Drifting involves hi speed cars, skilled drivers and hardcore fans.

What's in this version : (Updated : Sep 16, 2014)
  • added a new car: Nissan Silvia S15;
  • Gymkhana track now is not locked anymore;
  • new social sharing feature: now you can share your race results with your friends;
  • fixed "wheel shaking" issue during long curves;
  • improved automatic gears: now gear changing is more reactive;
  • some small bug fixing.

Screenshots :


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1Tap Cleaner Pro v2.40

1Tap Cleaner Pro
Required Android O/S : 2.1+

Clear cache, search histories, calls log and defaults!

1-Tap to clean all cache, search histories and calls log. A default cleaner is also included.
Are you running out of application storage?
You now can get more available storage space by clearing apps created cache/data files.
  • Cache Cleaner
  • History Cleaner
  • Call/Text log Cleaner
  • Default Cleaner
There are four cleaners included in this app. Cache Cleaner, History Cleaner and Call/Text log Cleaner help you to get more free space for the internal phone storage by clearing apps cached files, data files, or search/navigation history records. If you have selected to launch apps by default for some actions. Default Cleaner helps you to clear the default settings.

Auto or 1-tap to clear all cache, search history, calls log and the best is you don't have to ROOT the phone anymore! This app is crucial to anyone who has memory management issues.

  • 1-tap to clear all cached files
  • 1-tap to clear all search and browser navigation history records
  • 1 tap to clear calls log (incoming, outgoing, missed, frequently contacted)
  • list all default apps and clear selected defaults
  • home screen widget shows cache and available size
  • auto clear all cache and history at a specified interval
  • auto clear cache when the device is low on internal storage space
  • clear cache or history for a specified application
  • notify you on startup if more than 500K bytes cache used
  • list applications by either cache, data, code, total size or app name
  • view application on Market
  • uninstall application
  • open application
  • show application details page
What's in this version : (Updated : Sep 16, 2014)
  • new circle home screen widget which shows internal/external storage size information and enables you to customize the style and colors
  • revamped UI when you tap home screen widget or "Clean cache" menu item. The new UI shows more storages detailed information
  • improved the speed of calculating apps size
  • new Urdu localization
  • update FAQ page
  • bugs fixed and optimizations

Screenshots :

 Download :

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Smart AppLock v3.4.1

Smart AppLock
Required Android O/S : 2.1+

Great privacy protection tool for Android. Lock your SMS, Mail, Photo,Contacts !

Do your friends always borrow your phone to play games? Do you concern your private data in some android applications may be read by people you do not want?
Smart AppLock helps you out!
Smart AppLock is a light tool to protect your privacy in mobile apps.

The cute lock is designed upon Android system level, to provide fully protection to your privacy.

After you set a list of protected apps, there will be lock pattern protection when starting the protected apps.
  • lock your app accurately and smartly 
  • Good at performance and power-saving 
  • Using beautiful pattern lock 
  • No ads and no limitation(vs. Free version) 
  • Current version does not support following platforms: MeiZu M9 
What's in this version: (Updated : Sep 16, 2014)
  • Fix the bug that services can be killed.
  • Performance improvement.

Screenshots :

Download :

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Magic Trick #3 v1.0.1

Magic Trick #3
Required Android O/S : 3.0+

On sale now for just $1.99, the app is 75% off its normal price for a limited time!

Perform one of the most famous mentalism magic trick that is kept alive by modern magicians such as Derren Brown and Chris Angel: the Book Test.

The magician lends his smartphone to a spectator performing the following steps on the calculator: multiply a random 3-digit number by another random 3-digit number then divide the new number by a random 4-digit number. Then the spectator selects any of three readable and examinable books or any of three ebooks available on a tablet.

The spectator flips the pages to the corresponding integer result number.
The magician tells the spectator to concentrate on this random page then reveals few words at the top and the bottom on this page.

This app showcases a brilliant mind reading method pioneered by magician Mikael Montier.
It is very easy to use, and it will work 100% of the time.

    Simple to learn
    Easy to perform
    Use any normal book/pdf ebook
    No gimmicked book
    Any language/alphabet book
    No memorization needed
    Instant reset
    Mentalism magic
     Mind reading

The coolest and most versatile Book Test available out on the market at the cheapest possible price ever!

Please be aware that you can't perform immediatly the trick, you have to set up your first use of the app. Once you set up, you won't regret it ;-)

Screenshots :

Download :
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Theme Crystal Black HD

Theme Crystal Black HD pack
Required Android O/S : 2.0+

New theme ADW Nova, Apex, Crystal Black Flat HD!

Customize your Phone with the most beatiful theme HD, change your boring cell in the most beautiful Android. Try it, you will not regret!!

This is the best Theme Pack for GO Launcher EX. Also compatible with Go Locker, Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher, ADW, Holo and others.

Works with:

  • add skin for widgets go launcher
  • Muzei Live Wallpaper Support

A detailed pixel-perfect crystal adw theme amazing effect!
  • News: if you like this theme, and you want the clock, search Zooper Widget in Google Play, its Free!!
  • hdpi full support!
  • News: if you like this theme, take a look at my new “ Glass Flat Theme NOVA/APEX/ADW/GO ” HD edition theme!
  • widget clock available on market! check it out now! CRYSTAL CLOCK FREE!*

  1. You need to have ADW.Launcher or "ADW Launcher Ex" installed to access the icons.
  2. Search for ADW.LAUNCHER or AnderWeb on Market.
  3. Install/Run ADW.LAUNCHER, press Menu/ADWSettings Themes Preferences.
  4. Select " Crystal Black HD" and Apply Theme!
  5. To customize the Drawer, tap the drawer icon, select Edit->click on the icon->ADWTheme Icon Packs -> Crystal Black HD ->Choose icon.

  1. Search Launcher Pro v.0.8.6 the market.
  2. Run Launcher Pro, click Preferences->Theme Setting->Icon Pack
  3. Select "Crystal Black HD" and Apply Theme!

  • ADW.Launcher / ADW EX
  • Launcher Pro
  • Crazy Home
  • Open Home
  • VTL Launcher
  • Circle Launcher
  • Desktop Visualizer DVR
  • OpenHome 6
  • Apex Launcher Free / Paid
  • Nova Launcher
  • MX Home
  • Launcher-X
  • Rabbit Launcher

What's in this version : (Updated : Sep 16, 2014)
  • New HD Wallpapers!!
  • Icons added
  • Run in:
  • go launcher ex
  • Apex launcher theme
  • Nova launcher
  • ADW Launcher
  • new skins for go widgets
  • Thanks and send suggestions to the mail

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